North Korea responded to a US military drill in which B-52 stealth bombers  flew over South Korea on Friday, by ordering its missile units to prepare for  strikes against the US mainland and American military bases in the region. “The time has come to settle accounts with the US imperialists,” said North  Korean leader Kim […]

Members of the United Nations Security Council have given their unanimous support to allow UN peacekeepers to launch offensive operations for the first time ever on Friday. The Security Council passed a resolution which will create a force of 3,000 troops to be sent to the Democratic Republic of Congo to fight rebel groups in […]

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From Market Curator Bankster: A portmanteau or blend word derived from combining “banker” and “gangster.” Usually referred to in the plural form “banksters” to refer to a predatory element within the financial services industry – Urban Dictionary From The Advocate (click to visit) The Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2008, the…

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Money printing by the Federal Reserve will continue into the near future. And  while it will help America avert a recession, the flow of easy money will be  disastrous over the longer term. The reality is that the current bull market and rebound in the housing sector  that has made…

Rebel fighters from two Islamist brigades took control of a key  Syrian military air base on Saturday. The base is located close to the strategically important southern  international highway – an important supply route into the capital Damascus. For  many months there has little progress for either side in the battle for  Damascus, as rebels and government […]

Lebanese President Michel Suleiman accepted the resignation of Prime Minister  Najib Mikati on Saturday. The outgoing Prime Minister called for a caretaker  government to be appointed to lead the country, as opposing forces threaten to  drag Lebanon into the turmoil and bloodshed of the Syrian civil war. Prime Minister Mikati was forced to resign due […]

Accusations have emerged suggesting that rebels in Syria may have used chemical weapons to attack an army position in Aleppo province. Syrian state media has reported that ”terrorists fired rockets  containing chemical materials on Khan al-Assal in Aleppo province.” Television  reports showed ambulances carrying to wounded to a hospital in Aleppo city,  along with both medical […]

A hacking attack on an internet provider in South Korea brought down the  websites of three national broadcasters and two major banks on Wednesday,  prompting the military to raise its alert level over fears of North Korean  involvement. Hacker broke into a network provided by LG UPlus Corp, replacing websites  with a page claiming responsibility […]

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Consumer confidence is the key to any growth in the U.S. economy. If it  declines, U.S. economic prosperity becomes questionable, as a lack of consumer  confidence directly impacts consumer spending. My worry: the Thomson  Reuters/University of Michigan’s preliminary consumer sentiment for the month of  March plunged to its lowest level…

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What if the powerful breakout in the Dow Jones Transportation Average in  December of 2012 was the beginning of a new, multiyear upcycle for the stock  market? The stock market has clawed its way upward since the financial crisis hit in  2008. Recent trading volume has been mediocre, accentuating the…