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Europe vs Google in Landmark Privacy Case

Top judges from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) are currently considering a privacy case against search engine giant Google, which could have big implications for the way major companies handle personal information. The case was referred to the European court by Spain, where a leading Surgeon has lodged a complaint about the information presented […]

Global Propaganda War Update: BBC Blocked in China

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) claimed on Monday that its English  language World Service radio channel is being jammed in China.  The BBC, Britain’s state media organisation, suggested that Chinese authorities  were responsible for the disruption. “The BBC has received reports that World Service English shortwave  frequencies are being jammed in China,” said a BBC […]

Kamikaze Satellites – Israel Tests New Defense System

Israel has successfully  conducted the first stage of tests on a space-based missile defense system which  uses ‘Kamikaze’ suicide satellites to blow up long range missiles at high  altitude. The new Arrow III defense system, an upgrade of previous Israeli Arrow  interceptor systems, was developed in cooperation with the United  States of America. It could […]

Hackers Broadcast Zombie Apocalypse Alert on American TV

An American television station had its regular programming interrupted on Monday, by an emergency new broadcast warning viewers that the zombie apocalypse had begun. “Dean bodies are rising from their graves” warned the alert, which was broadcast to several counties. It went on to say that the zombies were “attacking the living” and warned people […]

Is ‘Big Brother’ Style Government Spying a Threat to the Innocent?

There have been a few stories about mass surveillance of the general public by government intelligence agencies in the press already this year. Twitter’s transparency report released in late January showed that the site had a 20% increase in government requests for its users data. Google also released data recently showing an increase in government […]

Britain Deploys Handheld Helicopter Drones in Afghanistan

The British military has issued in troops in Afghanistan with tiny hand-held surveillance drones. The tiny remote control helicopters, which are small enough to be held in the palm of your hand, are fitted by video surveillance technology to relay intelligence to a remote terminal. According to Sgt. Christopher Petherbridge from the Brigade Reconnaissance Force, […]

Originally posted on Selfy's Blog:
Web site for the Council on Foreign Relations was compromised and recently hit by a drive-by attack that was detected earlier this week. Hacker are suspected to be from China , who are exploiting a zero day  Internet Explorer vulnerability for Cyber Espionage attack against one of American most elite foreign policy web…

The Giant Battery Which Could Solve Wind Power’s Problems

In recent years wind farms, with huge turbines generating electricity out of the movement of the air, have popped up all over the world. Some people have seen them as one of the best hopes for weening the world off fossil fuels and tackling the challenges of global warming. But up until now they have […]