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Russia Cites New Evidence Syria Chemical Attack was False Flag

Russia has hit out at calls for force to be used against the Syrian government in the wake of an apparent chemical weapons attack on the outskirts of Damascus. The Russian foreign ministry has described calls to use force against Syria as unacceptable, citing new evidence which emerged today which calls into question the reporting […]

U.S. Internet Surveillance ‘Targeted Commercial Secrets’

Brazilian newspaper  O Globo has claimed that internet  surveillance programs run by the U.S. National Security Agency  are going  beyond military and legal concerns to target “commercial secrets”. The paper cites documents recently leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward  Snowden. It claims that they show the NSA was spying on amongst other things,  the oil industry in Venezuela […]

Escalations Continue in Korean Peninsula

The United States of  America, South Korea, and North Korea have all made fresh moves to escalate the  already tense situation in the Korean peninsula. The USA has sent F-22 stealth jets to join military drills being conducted in  cooperation with South Korea. Meanwhile the government of South Korea has warned  of a swift and […]

Al Qaeda Terrorists Take Key Military Base in Syria

Rebel fighters from two Islamist brigades took control of a key  Syrian military air base on Saturday. The base is located close to the strategically important southern  international highway – an important supply route into the capital Damascus. For  many months there has little progress for either side in the battle for  Damascus, as rebels and government […]

Syrian Rebels Use Chemical Weapons, NATO Mulls Increasing Support for Them

Accusations have emerged suggesting that rebels in Syria may have used chemical weapons to attack an army position in Aleppo province. Syrian state media has reported that ”terrorists fired rockets  containing chemical materials on Khan al-Assal in Aleppo province.” Television  reports showed ambulances carrying to wounded to a hospital in Aleppo city,  along with both medical […]

Renewed Accusations of US Coup Plot in Venezuela

The acting President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro has called on United  States President Barack Obama to halt what he described as an American  government plot to kill his main opposition rival and trigger a coup. Elections are due to take place in Venezuela on April 14th, to select a  replacement for the charismatic but equally controversial leader […]

Election of First Jesuit Pope Feeds Conspiracy Theories

When Benedict XVI become the first pope to resign from office in hundreds of  years, and only the second in history, I wrote about some  of the conspiracy theories surrounding his departure. Now that his  replacement has been named I felt that it was time to return to the subject,  especially since the Pope Francis […]

Was The Arab Spring Just the First Act of the Middle East Water Wars?

Oil has always been thought of as the traditional cause of conflict in the Middle East past and present. Since the first Gulf oil well gushed in Bahrain in 1932, countries have squabbled over borders in the hope that ownership of a patch of desert or a sand bank might give them access to new […]

Global Propaganda War Update: BBC Blocked in China

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) claimed on Monday that its English  language World Service radio channel is being jammed in China.  The BBC, Britain’s state media organisation, suggested that Chinese authorities  were responsible for the disruption. “The BBC has received reports that World Service English shortwave  frequencies are being jammed in China,” said a BBC […]

Italian Spy Chief Jailed over CIA Renditions

The former Italian Intelligence Chief Nicolo Pollari has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for his role in the ‘extraordinary rendition’ of an Egyptian cleric by the CIA. The court in Milan sentenced Pollari, and also handed down a nine year prison sentence to his former deputy Marco Mancini. Italian courts had already convicted […]