April Fools Nothing To See Just A Hipster Smoking Baby: Real OR FAKE?!!

I vote fake, but you never know in this screwed up world

The 411 WebZine

Shanghai's Hipster Smoking Baby Demands Smokes, Not Eggs, This Easter

Today is April Fool’s Day, so when it comes to pictures of toddlers crushing cigarrettes, we tread carefully. Still, here are several pictures of a chill ass toddler smoking a cigarette lit for him by his mom in Shanghai’s Fuxing park. (according to the original timestamp on the image, the photo was taken on March 1, so again, do not trust this baby—or any babies—no matter how many cool hoodies he owns and lets you borrow) A witness commented

“My jaw dropped when his pajama-clad mother handed the tot a cigarette… then lit it for him … then smiled on as he smoked it… then laughed as he rolled on the ground when he felt sick. As I snapped photos, my friends begged the parents to intervene, but they just enjoyed the show. This is a disturbing scene indeeed, but I could not not share this.”

Smoking Hipster Baby, today…

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