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Al Qaeda Confirms its Prominent Role in Syrian Uprising

Al Qaeda in Iraq has confirmed that it is playing a leading role in the  western-backed uprising to overthrow the government of Syria. In a statement posted online on Tuesday, the head of the Islamic State of  Iraq, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, confirmed that: “The Al-Nusra Front is simply a branch of the Islamic State of Iraq.” The […]

Obama’s Budget Blueprint Targets the Rich

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The White House released detail on Wednesday of President Obama’s 2014 budget  blueprint, in which he outlines his plans to make high earners pay more to  reduce the deficit,  as well as new spending cuts to replace the temporary  ‘sequester’ reductions which were brought in last month. If the President…

Nigeria Kills 14 Suspected Militants in Kano Raid

Nigerian soldiers killed 14 suspected members of the Islamist militant group  Boko Haram during a raid in the city of Kano on Sunday, said a military  spokesperson. A would-be suicide bomber was also arrested in possession of a car packed  with explosives, say authorities. One Nigerian soldier was also killed in the raid. Police moved […]

Escalations Continue in Korean Peninsula

The United States of  America, South Korea, and North Korea have all made fresh moves to escalate the  already tense situation in the Korean peninsula. The USA has sent F-22 stealth jets to join military drills being conducted in  cooperation with South Korea. Meanwhile the government of South Korea has warned  of a swift and […]

Man Tries To Kill A Woman By Poisoning Her Shoes


April Fools Nothing To See Just A Hipster Smoking Baby: Real OR FAKE?!!

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Today is April Fool’s Day, so when it comes to pictures of toddlers crushing cigarrettes, we tread carefully. Still, here are several pictures of a chill ass toddler smoking a cigarette lit for him by his mom in Shanghai’s Fuxing park. (according to the original timestamp on the image, the photo…

Muzzling of scientists subject of ‘unique’ probe by Canada’s information watchdog

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Wide-ranging investigation, which will look into six different federal departments, is to review incidents in which the media was thwarted when trying to speak to Canadian government scientists about their work. Canada’s information commissioner is launching an investigation into the “muzzling” of government scientists, a wide-reaching probe that will…