Al Qaeda Terrorists Take Key Military Base in Syria

Rebel fighters from two Islamist brigades took control of a key  Syrian military air base on Saturday.

The base is located close to the strategically important southern  international highway – an important supply route into the capital Damascus. For  many months there has little progress for either side in the battle for  Damascus, as rebels and government forces slug it out in a long war of  attrition. Increasingly it seems as if the fate of Damascus may be decided by  events outside the capital itself – and controlling supply routes is  a key part of this.

Fighters from Nusra Front.

Fighters from Nusra Front.

The Syrian army’s 38th division air defence base was overrun by  rebel fighters from al Nusra Front and the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade on  Saturday, after more than two weeks of fighting. Al Nusra Front was founded by  leaders of Al Qaeda in Iraq, and is suspected of retaining close links to Al  Qaeda. It has been designated as a terrorist group by the United  States and is composed primarily of foreign jihadists from around the  world. The power and reputation of Al Nusra Front has grown steadily throughout  the civil war in Syria, and  it is now arguably the most powerful rebel brigade fighting against the  government of Bashar al Assad.

Since the beginning of the civil war Assad’s government has characterized the  rebels as foreign terrorists, whereas western governments have generally viewed  them as freedom fighters trying to topple an oppressive ‘regime’ (in journalism  speak, btw, ’regime’ means any government the writer thinks, or has  been told to think, should be toppled)….



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