South Korea on Alert after Massive Cyber Attack

A hacking attack on an internet provider in South Korea brought down the  websites of three national broadcasters and two major banks on Wednesday,  prompting the military to raise its alert level over fears of North Korean  involvement.

Hacker broke into a network provided by LG UPlus Corp, replacing websites  with a page claiming responsibility for a previously unknown group called the  “Whois Team”. The message showed three skulls and an ominous warning that the  attack marked the beginning of “Our Movement”. The websites of national  television networks KBS, YTN and MBC were caught up in the attack, as well the  the Nonghyup and Shinhan banks.

South Korea’s military raised its state of readiness in response to the  attack. In the past North Korea, which recently scrapped an armistice with the  South and threatened a return to war, has launched cyber attacks against its  neighbour. These include a 10 day denial of services attack which experts  suggest was designed to test South Korea’s defences. Police have refused to  comment on the possibility of North Korean involvement in Wednesday’s attack,  saying that it will take days to collect evidence from such a massive incident.  Teams of investigators have been sent to all affected sites, said a police  spokesman.



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