Renewed Accusations of US Coup Plot in Venezuela

The acting President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro has called on United  States President Barack Obama to halt what he described as an American  government plot to kill his main opposition rival and trigger a coup.

Elections are due to take place in Venezuela on April 14th, to select a  replacement for the charismatic but equally controversial leader Hugo  Chavez, who recently died from cancer. Nicolas Maduro was named by Chavez as his  preferred successor and is currently the favourite to win the upcoming  elections.

Mr Maduro claimed that the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency  (CIA)  were planning to assassinate his main right-wing rival Henrique  Capriles, and then blame the killing on the Venezuelan government to “fill  Venezuelans with hate” as a pretext for a coup to take control of the  country.

The President first accused the US of plotting an assassination last week,  blaming former Bush administration officials Roger Noriega and Otto Reich of  being masterminding the plan. Both men have denied the claims.

“I call on President Obama – Roger Noriega, Otto Reich, officials at the  Pentagon and at the CIA are behind a plan to assassinate the right-wing  presidential candidate to create chaos,” said Maduro during a Television  interview on Sunday….



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