Election of First Jesuit Pope Feeds Conspiracy Theories

When Benedict XVI become the first pope to resign from office in hundreds of  years, and only the second in history, I wrote about some  of the conspiracy theories surrounding his departure. Now that his  replacement has been named I felt that it was time to return to the subject,  especially since the Pope Francis I will be the first ever from the order of  Jesuit – a branch of the church which has always been at the heart of some of  the world’s most interesting conspiracy theories.

The Last Pope

The most interesting conspiracy theory I found in relation to the resignation  of Benedict XVI was the ‘last pope’ prophecy.

A 12th century Irish saint called Malachy wrote a series of 112 mystical  poems, describing the attributes of each pope from Malachy’s life until ‘the  destruction of the church’. Benedict XVI was the penultimate pope, and  supposedly the last true pope. The 112th and final pope – Francis I – “will  pasture his sheep in many  tribulations: and when these things are  finished, the city of seven hills  will be destroyed, and the terrible  judge will judge his people. The  End,” says Saint Malachy. The final pope  is described by many interpreters of Malachy’s writings as and ‘image of  Satan’.

Over the centuries various writers have found correlations between Malachy’s  verses and the real popes. Benedicts XVI, for example, is described as the  “Glory of the Olive”, and comes from the Benedictine Order whose cresent depicts  Olive Branches. Interestingly, a book about the last pope called Petrus   Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here by Tom Horn and Cris Putnam predicted Benedict’s Resignation almost  a year before it happened. (see the links below the article for Putnam’s  reaction to the election of the new a ‘last’ pope).

The First Jesuit Pope

The Jesuits have always been a controversial order, associated with many  intrigues over the years – both within the church and within broader politics.  They have been associated with the Illuminati and the New World Order, and play  a leading role in many conspiracy theories.

Read more at http://worldnewscurator.com/2013/03/14/election-of-first-jesuit-pope-feeds-conspiracy-theories/#AuFeFuZvMcHhHFSD.99


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