U.S. Conspiring With Taliban Claims Afghan President

President Hamid Karzai has claimed that the United  States is conspiring with the Taliban in order to justify its continuing  military presence in Afghanistan.

Karzai made the extraordinary claim during an already difficult visit by the  new US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Referring to a set of two recent suicide blasts which killed 19 people,  Karzai claimed during a television speech that “The bombs that were  detonated in Kabul and Khost were not a show of force, they were  serving America.” He went on to say that the US was conducting daily talks with  the Taliban, and that the group’s suicide bomb attacks enabled the foreign  military forces in Afghanistan to justify their presence. “It is their slogan  for 2014, scaring us that if the US is not here our people will be eliminated,”  he said.

A joint press conference due to be held by Mr Karzai and Mr Hagel was  cancelled on Sunday. US officials cited unspecified security concerns for the  cancellation.

The Taliban themselves have claimed that they have not engaged in talks with  the United States for a year.  Mr Karzai has previously indicated that he does not believe this, and has  insisted that his government must be involved in any negotiations. He has also  been angered recently by fresh delays to the long-promised transfer of the  controversial Bagram prison from US to Afghan control…

Read more at http://worldnewscurator.com/2013/03/11/u-s-conspiring-with-taliban-claims-afghan-president/#SHLKAfYDhekFbtEX.99


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