* China to buy super quiet Russian submarines to counter US aircraft carrier

CHINDIA ALERT: You'll be living in their world, very soon

China Daily Mail: “According to Russian Foreign TV News Net’s report on March 5, Japan’s Mainichi Shimbun believed the Taiwan military’s allegation that Mainland China has entered into a contract with Russia on the purchase of Amur-class (the export version of Lada-class) diesel-electric submarines.

Kilo Class Submarine

It is a part of China’s plan to achieve modernisation of its troops and build up a marine superpower and aims at countering US aircraft carriers and preventing them from interfering with Taiwan affairs.

Japan’s Mainichi Shimbun pointed out: the Russian Lada-class submarine is an upgraded version of the Kilo-class ones, which are well-known for their extremely low noise. China will import four export-version Lada-class submarines, of which two will be build in Russia while the other two, in China. It is expected that a submarine supply agreement that really meets the requirements will not be concluded for two to three years.

Having been certain that…

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