Knife Rampage at Political Rally in Ecuador

rafael-correaTwo people were killed and four others injured by a knife-wielding attacker at a pro-government rally in Ecuador on Monday.

With less than two week’s to go until Ecuador’s elections, supporters of incumbent President and strong favourite to win Rafael Correa had gathered for a campaign rally in Quininde, a town located in the western Esmeraldas province. A video of the incident shown on local television shows a man running into the crowd, attacking people with a large knife. Seven people were stabbed in total, and two have died from their injuries.

“Before the president was due to arrive … we can see in these images how this person stabs the people that were standing up front repeatedly,” said Interior Minister Jose Serrano, at a press conference in Quito.

Police have arrested the man they believe to have been responsible for the attacks.

President Correa, a socialist leader with substantial support in rural areas and the country’s poorer urban districts, commented on the attacks saying: “Best wishes to the families of the Quininde victims. The video of the attack is spine-chilling.”

So far there has been no indication of the attackers identity or motives.


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